Midagon Oy

“Google is full of information but we specifically wanted objective reports that are based on scientific findings. Deduktia’s work have been very useful for us e.g. in product development, sales and communications.”

Ilkka Töyrylä, CEO

Midagon has ordered several reports from Deduktia. Topics have been e.g. M&A success factors and the success of large-scale ICT transformation projects. Well-known professors of computer science and software development played a major role in the project. They have also been guest speakers at Midagon’s client & staff events.

TKM TTT Finland Oy

“Deduktia filled our knowledge gaps and deepened our understanding. Se toi lisää syvyyttä ja leveyttä. Deduktia’s report has been a great basis for decision making and it has offered a great, neutral perspective that we have been able to compare our internal opinions with.”

Mikko Uusitalo, CEO

Deduktia compiled a research review on the state of the art and future prospects of metal coating, coated objects, coating materials and associated technologies in demanding industrial conditions, like mining and energy industry.

Elite Palkitsemispalvelut Oy

“I am very satisfied with production and end results of Deduktia. We received very useful, science-based information for our sales and marketing. The co-operation with Deduktia was easy and effective. They delivered on all promises – and exceeded our expectations.”

Lasse Mäkinen, CEO

There have been two projects. In the first one, Deduktia found out what the current research says about employee reward management. The well-known theories and explanatory models were also surveyed. The second project investigated how one has evaluated the functioning and success of various pay-for-performance models in businesses and other organizations. An internationally renown British professor authored both projects and analysed the outcomes together with the client.

Ravinteli Softa Oy

“The scientific approach of Dedutkia made it possible for us understand deeply the customer segmentation for restaurants. The future potential and development of our service were clarified. After the projects with Deduktia, going global seemed much more realistic option.”

Juhani Ollila, CEO

Deduktia has done two projects for Ravinteli Softa. The first one outlined the concept for a digital service making use of hospitality business purchase data. The second project was a research review of the possibilities of utilizing big data in the consumer goods industry.