Scientia est potentia

About us


Deduktia is a scientific consulting agency that specializes in finding and applying reliable scientific knowledge to support our clients’ businesses.

Our mission envisions a society where decisions, actions and targets are based on scientific knowledge and reliable analysis, not rumors and prejudice.

We have an excellent contact network with global universities. We co-operate with professors and researchers  from top-tier universities: University of British Columbia, Cardiff University, Nottingham University, University of Technology Sydney and University of Birmingham – just to name a few.

Our expansive network of experienced specialists enables us to match the most qualified experts to any given field. Via our Science for Business service, expertise and knowledge become accessible to every organization.

Co-founder of Deduktia, Ruurik Holm
Ruurik Holm

“Deduktia originated with regard for scientific arguments and the practical application of scientific knowledge. When it comes to critical business questions, science-based evidentiary support is key. Only when mapping for the best and most reliable knowledge are we prepared for important decision-making.”  

The founder and CEO of Deduktia is Ruurik Holm, Doctor of Philosophy. Dr. Holm is also affiliated with Aalto University School of Business, where he works as a Staff Resercher at the Center of Knowledge and Innovation Research CKIR.

In addition to Dr. Holm’s academic expertise, he also has substantial experience with business management and consulting. Dr. Holm is a respected author, adviser and speaker.

Independent, science-based reports support the growth of your business

Deduktia is the fundamental link between science and business, bringing researchers and corporate management together. The top researchers that make up our global network help companies to make strategic, evidence-based decisions and find innovative solutions for business development.

We offer scientific and research communities a way to increase the impact of their research and find unique angles for applying the results.