We are a scientific consulting agency  that specializes in finding and applying reliable scientific knowledge to support our clients’ businesses.

We offer objective, science-based conclusions for business development and knowledge management.


Science for Business

The best experts in our global science network gather reliable scientific knowledge about the topic of your choice. Based on our findings, we help you create concrete conclusions and actions for your business needs.

Acquiring an objective, science-based perspective eases your strategic decision-making and product development. The consultancy report made by top scientists improves your risk management and provides valuable, out-of-house insights for your business.

“The objective knowledge and perspective Deduktia gave us, helped us to sharpen our business strategy. Based on Deduktia’s work, we have made recruitment decisions and investment plans.”

Mikko Uusitalo, CEO, TKM TTT Finland Oy

Scientific consulting to support your business


Reliable and neutral science-based knowledge will help you make business decisions, justify your choices and improve the quality of your service and product development.


Our network of top global scientists compile the most essential scientific knowledge and concrete conclusions for you in a comprehensible package.


Reliable scientific knowledge makes strategic management more effective, increases business credibility and deepens your expertise.